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Airbnb – #LiveThere

When Airbnb called me up to help out with their new #LiveThere campaign I honestly couldn't have been more excited! The campaign features three cities from around the world, Los Angeles, Paris and Tokyo – with the goal of showing off the beautiful cities through a fresh, new lens, from someone who has never experienced the city. Already living in Los Angeles, I instantly knew in my heart that I had to take this opportunity to finally get to the City of Light – and it didn't disappoint. There's always next time to get to Tokyo, right? 

I was given seven days to stay and play in Paris, in any Airbnb I desired, so I chose to break it up between two different areas of the city – Montmartre and Pigalle. Each were so unique and full of their own quirks and made for the most memorable experience of my life to date. 

After the 11 hour flight I hopped in my Uber (thank goodness for Uber), and made it to the charming little neighborhood of Montmartre. My home for the next 4 days was in what was previously a Nun's convent, which was BEAUTIFUL! Big giant windows opened to a sunny garden full of singing birds and the resident cat, who loved sneaking in whenever I opened the front door. All of these things made for the perfect beginning to the trip. I felt at home from the second I arrived. 

After putting down my bags and playing with my new kitty friend for a minute, I couldn't wait to hop on the train and start to explore my new giant playground. The first stop had to be the Eiffel Tower, which was honestly so much more than I had ever imagined. The scale of it made me feel so humbled – I had to sit down just to stare and marvel at how beautiful it truly was. 

Throughout the rest of the day I hit up other iconic locations like the Louvre gardens and the Sacré-Cœur Basilica. Needless to say I walked and walked until my legs gave out because I was too excited to think about sleep. Another amazing thing about Paris in the summer is the light! It stays nice and bright until 10:30pm which makes for plenty of time to explore. 

After my first night's sleep back at the Nun's house (aptly named for the rest of the trip :) I woke up and of course needed to fuel my jet-lagged body with pastries and coffee! There were no shortage of either in Paris let me just tell you. EVERYTHING, and I mean EVERYTHING was delicious. The entire trip was carbs on carbs + coffee, which kept me going and ready for each adventure.

As quickly as it began, my time in Montmartre came to an end and it was time to repack my bags, say goodbye to kitty, and head to my new home. Located in South Pigalle, just a block away from the one of the world's largest red-light districts, it had a completely different feel and completely new opportunities for capturing some great shots! One of my favorite moments in Pigalle was stumbling across a color-blocked basketball court where the local kids gathered every day at noon for a few pick-up games.  

All in all every single moment of the 7 full days I spent in Paris were truly straight out of a dream. The architecture, culture and food were everything I'd hoped and more. It was one of those rare times in life where the reality actually beats out expectations. I'm already looking forward to to my next visit! Couldn't be more thankful to Airbnb for this memory I'll never forget. 

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