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Asarai Natural Skincare

Life as a photographer can be hectic – lots of details and moving parts. When it comes to skincare I like to keep it simple and trust that the products I'm using do all of the hard work to keep me looking my best. I was so excited when I discovered Asarai, not only are their products super natural but the packaging is GORGEOUS. Fun fact – before moving to Los Angeles I was a packaging designer at Hallmark, so when Asarai's happy yellow box arrived to my doorstep I couldn't wait to open it! What was inside did not disappoint. 

I've been trying out the skincare line for almost a week now and I can say that every time I look in the mirror I am glowing! In the past my routine has been to wash my face in the morning followed by applying a lightweight moisturizer. With Asari it's the same routine but now I have a couple of added power boosts that make my skin feel like it's getting some extra love! 

My new favorite step is definitely the Response Theory Serum. I apply it after my moisturizer and its carefully selected concentration of vitamins and anti-oxidants boost my overall skin health and battle air born pollutants (something I think a lot about living in LA). 

The best part about Asarai is their belief that nature has the ability to nurture a lifestyle that is happy, healthy and vibrant. As someone who is always seeking out my next colorful adventure, this is something I can certainly agree with. We spend so much time on the go in a noisy world that sometimes it's just nice to get back to our roots and take care of ourselves. 

Thanks to Asarai for sponsoring this post!  

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